You love it, or you hate it, but you cannot ignore Fifty Shades of Grey. Similarly, same goes with India's most watched and talked about Erotic web series Kavita Bhabhi which is taking India by storm! Yes, Kavita Bhabhi is India's answer to Fifty Shades of Grey.

Keeping in mind the current situation of quarantine and lock down in many countries, viewers are very much jumping on to the OTT platforms to watch web contents which is created by creators on regular basis. The viewers getting hungry day by day and OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot, Hulu, having a big amount of traffic which is hard to handle. One such OTT platform in India known as ULLU (Which Means Owl), brings the year's most erotic web series Kavita Bhabhi for their viewers.

Kavita Bhabhi is co-created and acted by a popular Indian actress Kavita Radheshyam. This is the same actress who is labelled as Kim Kardashian of India by the Mirror. And this is what attracted me to review this web series.

What is it in Kavita Bhabhi which is making the viewers go crazy? Erotica? Hell, yes! When i took a seat and watched Kavita Bhabhi, i found out, this web series pushes the envelope little far. Not cheap or vulgar, but still, you would want to have a distance while talking about it. The web series is brave to tell the story about a middle class Indian woman Kavita, who struggles to survive with her paralyzed mother-in-law and gay husband. She jumps into the Phone Sex business to make more money. Each episode has one caller who calls Kavita Bhabhi and in return Kavita Bhabhi narrates him/her one sex story.

Faisal Saif, being the co-creator/writer and director of the web series, knows what the viewers are exactly looking out for. So he writes and directs this in such a way that he leaves you with more cravings in every episodes. I will allow a standing ovation to actress Kavita Radheshyam who made this web series worth watching with her knock out performance. She is voluptuous, brave, gorgeous and seductive at the same time.

India has allowed their viewers a lovely range of web series such as Sacred Games, The Family Man, Delhi Crimes, Made In Heaven to name a few. These web shows had strong contents and a cult following among viewers. But what Kavita Bhabhi is presently doing in the world of web shows, will make a History! My sources gather, Kavita Bhabhi has crossed 300 Millions of download from the time of it's release, and still stands on the No.1 position in Torrents trending. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, viewers are talking about this web series, as if it's some Secret Society!