To a background of TV and radio broadcasts reporting a slew of satanic killings around the state, friends Val (Maddie Hasson) and Alexis (Alexandra Daddario) joined by newbie Bev (Amy Forsyth), are driving to a heavy metal concert to see ‘Soldiers of Satan’. When they are forced off the road by a casually discarded chocolate milkshake from a van that doesn’t stop. On arriving at the venue they spot the van parked with a trio of clichéd male heavy rock type men Mark (Keenan Johnson), Kovacs (Logan Miller) and Ivan (Austin Swift).

Hell bent on calling them out they instead ‘chill’ and get talking discovering they have things in common and that while Alexis has all the leather, eyeshadow and rock accessories she doesn’t really have that much interest in the music! Anyway they troop off to the concert and after are invited to hang out at Alexis’s place which happens to be close by.

Alexis’s place is palatial and the men are soon taking advantage of the situation. Led out to the garden to play drinking games expecting a night of lust. As such their guards drop and they wake up exposed but not as they expected. It’s at this point that their collective pennies dro(o)ps and saying much more would spoil the rest of the film.

Suffice to say that We Summon Darkness has a few twists and turns making it a solid enjoyable film. The cast get their teeth into their roles working from a slick script by Alan Trezza that lays into fanaticism, abuse and corruption while drenching the screen with violence and gore.

There is a noticeable change of mood from the uneasy menace for the first act, taking a more slapstick humorous turn in the second, then gliding back in to grimness with the entrance of Alexis’s father John (Johnny Knoxville). However these changes while obvious aren’t so clunky that they upset the flow of the film as director Marc Meyers keeps a steady hand on the action and the fun.

We Summon The Darkness was presented at FrightFest Halloween on 2 November 2019 and is out on Digital HD from 20 April 2020 and DVD on 11 May.