This is my review of Ghost Killers v Bloody Mary from London FrightFest 2019.

In many ways Ghost Killers v Bloody Mary is an example of a perfectly balanced film, with direction, dialogue and acting all working in harmony to make a film that barely slips a beat and is a coherent whole. The fact that it is probably one of the grossest films possibly ever committed to celluloid is neither here nor there.

It doesn’t take too long for credentials to be established as the ghost is released and then into a montage of the Ghost Killers plying their fake trade on YouTube and then in conference about how they are not hitting their hit rates. A phone call from a local school gets them a job to disprove the rumour that a ghost is present. Needless to say the ghost is very much real and highly motivated to create as much destruction as possible.

The film has a palpable grunge factor as the blood flows freely caking the protagonists along with limbs and heads severed and scattered and turds coming to life, then shot to ‘death’. Yes, this film is gloriously over the top and absurd in all departments.

Director Fabrício Bittar balances this with a wonderfully witty, arch script full of jokes, puns and banter that fairly zings the plot along. The acting too is top notch with them all clearly buying into the film with nary a wink to the camera.

Ghost Killers v Bloody Mary will be released on digital on 18 May