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Lin confirms Star Trek 3 title

Justin Lin has revealed the official title for Star Trek 3. Read more...

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Caitlyn Jenner 'wants feminine voice'

Caitlyn Jenner reportedly wants a more feminine voice, but isn't ready for more surgery. Read more...


Rashida Jones: I知 fine with failure

Rashida Jones describes her gadgets as "beautifully designed, entertaining handcuffs" which distract her. Read more...


Cara: Don't label me

Cara Delevingne hates being asked if she's a model. Read more...


Arnie: Discussing divorce was tough

Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to talk about the future, not things from the past like his marriage breakdown. Read more...


Jada Pinkett Smith: My affair with music

Jada Pinkett Smith says music is her daughter Willow's life. Read more...


Del Toro, Hutcherson: Escobar is truthful

Benicio Del Toro stayed 鍍ruthful while depicting his character in Escobar: Paradise Lost. Read more...


Khloé K 素eels neglected by mother

Khloé Kardashian supposedly did not expect her mom Kris Jenner to attend her birthday party, as she has come to expect her mother to be absent from important events in her life. Read more...


Valderrama: Working with Demi痴 a blast!

Wilmer Valderrama thinks starring alongside girlfriend Demi Lovato on screen is a good memory for them to have together. Read more...


Mark Wahlberg: I grew up with nothing

Mark Wahlberg痴 biggest fear was raising spoilt children.


Reynolds: Mirren hates my singing!

Ryan Reynolds thinks it was evident 吐rom the get-go that he would get along with Dame Helen Mirren. Read more...


Renner: I don稚 care about gay rumours

Jeremy Renner has no problem with people thinking he痴 gay, even though he isn稚. Read more...


Joe Manganiello loves pushing boundaries

Joe Manganiello would be "in jail for life" if he was on trial for his Magic Mike antics. Read more...


Tom Hiddleston lucky to play Loki

Tom Hiddleston has a lot to thank Thor for. Read more...


Channing: Thongs aren't sexy

Channing Tatum's wife Jenna insisted he and his co-stars don thongs in Magic Mike XXL. Read more...


Tyler Posey's Miley memories

Tyler Posey says Miley Cyrus has known who she was since she was seven years old. Read more...


Josh Gad takes on Centipede in Pixels

Check out at Josh Gad as Ludlow Lamonsoff, a.k.a. your worst nightmare in PIXELS! Read more...


Katie Holmes is Miss Meadows

Beneath the perfect manners and petticoats, Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes) harbours a dark secret. Read more...


Douglas Booth: Channing is a champ!

Douglas Booth says Channing Tatum lives up to the hype. Read more... Music might have a shelf life has questioned how musicians will make money if music is only streamed online. Read more...


Jurassic World chomps box office again

Jurassic World is yet again the box office champion. Read more...


Schwarzenegger talks 素un and embarrassing nudity

Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks getting nude for Terminator Genisys was 吐un and embarrassing. Read more...


Pharrell: I give The Voice my all

Pharrell Williams thinks all recording artists should get involved with TV talent shows if given the chance. Read more...


Bradley Cooper: I知 not back with Suki

Bradley Cooper has spoken about the nature of his relationship with ex Suki Waterhouse after the pair were spotted dancing together at Glastonbury. Read more...


Minaj shows off mum at BET Awards

The 2015 BET Awards were packed with a host of riveting performances put on by Diddy, Chris Brown, Tyga and Omarion among others. Read more...


Caitlyn Jenner 僧ade it rain at NYC Pride

Caitlyn Jenner wowed the crowd when she made a surprise appearance at NYC Pride on Sunday. Read more...


Jason Schwartzman: New film made me LOL

Jason Schwartzman knew he had to take his latest movie when the script made him laugh nonstop. Read more...


Amanda Seyfried: I've made it!

Amanda Seyfried feels she's finally respected in Hollywood.


The Gallows reveal 'Bathroom' clip

Not even the bathroom is safe in this chilling new clip from THE GALLOWS - In UK cinemas July 17, 2015. Take a look...if you dare! Read more...

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Ruth and Alex

Alex and Ruth have to come to terms with selling the flat they have lived in for almost their whole married life... Read more...




An abandoned building plays host to murder and mayhem when a prank goes wrong Read more...



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Slow West

Slow West is the first feature film from Scottish director, John Maclean, of Beta Band fame. It is a western that charts the adventures of a young... Read more...


The Avengers - The Complete Series 5

Here then comes another helping of what was quite simply the British TV series ever made and many would be of the opinion that Series 5 was The Avengers at its absolute zenith! Read more...



Not all of Alfred Hitchcock痴 work is par excellence, and in the case of Sabotage, which pales in comparison to The 39 Steps (which he made one year earlier) this certainly is true. Read more...


Little Big Shot

Now what can we say about Little Big Shot? This so-called comedy from 1952 should have been buried in 1953, that is what we can say. Read more...


Force Majeure

A natural phenomena creates a vast divide in the lives of a family Read more...


The Voices

When you dog starts talking to you, its a sign to be worried. When you cat tells you to! Read more...





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Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the UK release of FIGHTING DEMONS, available digitally and on DVD from 6th July 2015. Read more...


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A directorial feature debut from the acclaimed playwright Debbie Tucker Green, Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the UK release Read more...


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The television crew of the Scary Antics hidden camera show sets up innocent victims for scary practical jokes on national television. Read more...


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Get to know a royal family like no other this June as the outrageous, excessive and utterly addictive THE ROYALS SEASON 1 Read more...


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Beneath the perfect manners and petticoats, Miss Meadows (Katie Holmes) harbours a dark secret. When she痴 not teaching at the Read more...


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Starring Forest Whitaker (Phone Booth, Taken 3) and Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs, The Grand Budapest Hotel), this gritty, no-holds barred Read more...


Win 1 of 3 Hue And Cry DVDs

HUE AND CRY is rightly acknowledged as something of a milestone in British cinema being considered the first of the Ealing comedies Read more...


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To celebrate the release of Jupiter Ascending on Digital HD now we池e giving you the chance to win some out of this world merchandise Read more...

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