Susan Sarandon has defended her relationship with toy boy Jonathan Bricklin.

The 66-year-old actress began dating the ping-pong bar owner in 2010.

And she says the media is hung up on portraying him much younger than he actually is.

“People make him out to be much younger than he is – and me older,” she told America’s Elle magazine.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show star clarified Jonathan is 35 - not 33 as many reports suggest.

Susan says she’s not ashamed of their 31-year age gap, however.

The actress split from longtime partner Tim Robbins in 2009 and was first linked to Jonathan the following year.

Although she didn’t confirm or deny the relationship at first, in March 2012 she begrudgingly admitted there was romance.

“Dating is such a stupid word. You can say… we are collaborating in a lot of different areas,” she told People magazine at the time.

Susan is co-owner with Jonathan of New York City table-tennis bar SPiN.