Johnny Depp apparently never “mourned” the end of his relationship with Kate Moss.
The Hollywood hunk famously dated the British supermodel between 1994 and 1998. In a recent interview, Kate confessed it took her years to get over the split.
Johnny has now reportedly realised he never took the time to deal with his emotions after hearing Kate publicly discuss the break-up.
"Back in the '90s, Johnny never took responsibility for how the split broke Kate's heart," a source told the latest edition of UK magazine Look. "Their life was about parties and alcohol-fuelled antics, and Johnny moved on before he even had time to mourn their relationship."
Johnny and Kate were one of the biggest couples in Hollywood during their time together.
In her interview with Vanity Fair last month, Kate admitted she cried for “years and years” when the relationship ended. She also said she missed having Johnny around as he was a constant source of support and someone she could trust.
Her comments have apparently struck a chord with Johnny - who split from his long-term partner Vanessa Paradis earlier this year – and he decided to get in touch with Kate.
"When Johnny heard this it really made him sit up and take notice," the source added. "He had no idea how much he hurt Kate all those years ago, so he gave her a call out of the blue. He mainly wanted to say sorry."