Leading social care provider Dimensions is pleased to announce that Autism Friendly Films will be screened twice every month because of its new partnership with a second national cinema chain.

Not-for-profit organisation Dimensions, which supports people who experience autism and people with learning disabilities, has partnered with Cineworld to extend its Autism Friendly Film initiative. The screenings will now take place in more than 100 cinemas across the UK every two weeks as Dimensions joins forces with both Cineworld and its first partner, ODEON.

Dimensions and ODEON began their project in August 2011 and since then the screenings have grown in popularity. It is the first time a social care provider has partnered with two entertainment companies in this way, offering a wider choice for cinema goers.

The unique partnerships allow Dimensions to advise on adjustments necessary for people with autism and sensory differences to enjoy watching films in an environment conducive to their needs. These include the lights being left on low, volume turned down and no trailers.

Cineworld will provide Autism Friendly Screenings every month across 21 of their cinemas. The first screening will be Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger on December 2 at 11am. ODEON’s next Autism Friendly Film Screening, across more than 80 cinemas, will also be Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger on December 16th at 11.30am.

For more information and booking details, visit www.dimensions-uk.org/autismfilms