Jennifer Lawrence is still reading the same low-budget scripts she read before her Oscar nomination.
The 22-year-old Hunger Games star was nominated last year for best leading actress for her role in Winter’s Bone and admits the honour enabled her to read only big budget scripts.
But Jennifer insists she’s not interested in shunning hungry filmmakers with shallow pockets.
“It (The Oscar nomination) makes things a lot easier to get attached to. I’m still reading the same scripts - $1 indies - as I did before I was discovered in Winter’s Bone,” she told
The difference is now she doesn’t have to wait for the films she’s interested in to be made. Instead she can find the people to make them.
The actress admits she still finds it perplexing so many incredible screenplays never make it into cinemas.
“My biggest problem with Hollywood is that there are these incredible scripts that can’t find funding,” she explained.
“When I’m driving through Westwood (Los Angeles) and see the posters of the movies that are in theaters, I’m like, ‘What’s going on'’ Why is it like that'”
Jennifer is next set to star in David O. Russell’s dramatic comedy Silver Linings Playbook.
She is currently filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire based on the second book in Suzanne Collins’ action adventure trilogy.
The Frances Lawrence film is scheduled for a 2013 release.