Salma Hayek couldn't understand why men she 'fought every day' asked her to get married.
The actress married François-Henri Pinault in 2009 and they have five-year-old daughter Valentina together. The businessman wasn't the first person to pop the question to Salma though, with the 46-year-old star turning down several proposals when she was growing up.
The star is thankful to her mother Diana for teaching her never to just go along with what a man said.
"She taught me... to think carefully before saying yes to a man," Salma told British newspaper The Sun.
"I had men ask me to marry them and I would say things like, ‘But you are totally wrong for me - we fight every day.'"
It was Diana who encouraged Salma to follow her dreams as she hadn't been able to when she was growing up.
Salma eventually moved to Los Angeles when she was 25, having grown up in Mexico. It took her a long time to win her first major movie role, which came in 1995's Desperado. The film also starred Antonio Banderas and the actress was aghast when she realised they had to shoot love scenes.
"I actually cried. I didn’t want to be naked in front of a camera and kept on thinking, ‘What will my mother and father think about this'’" she recalled.
"But when the movie came out the critics were saying, ‘Salma Hayek is a bombshell.’”