In the coming months, there are a number of films coming out that are highly anticipated not only for their substance, but for their visual quality. Ever since the visually stunning release of James Cameron's 3D adventure Avatar, there has seemed to be an increasing Hollywood respect for the visual quality of films, and this has culminated in some truly beautiful films. So, as you prepare to visit the cinema for a couple of films this summer, you may want to prepare yourself for very engaging experiences. In fact, some even recommend that you try a free trial of Acuvue contact lenses, in order to give yourself the most natural possible viewing experience, or potentially to give yourself the ability to wear 3D glasses. Whatever the case, make sure that you are prepared for the incredible visual displays promised in the following films.

Cloud Atlas

Already in theatres around the world, Cloud Atlas is being hailed as one of the more impressive visual feats in recent cinematic history. Though the plot and story structure are both somewhat convoluted (intentionally) and can be a bit distracting from other aspects of the film, the simple fact is few films have ever exposed audiences to this breadth of scenery. Because the film takes place over various eras across several centuries, and in different locations all over the world, it almost seems as if the film shows us glimpses of a dozen worlds melded into one. With incredible scenery and an impressive attention to detail in scenes both great and small, directors Tom Tykwer and he Wachowski siblings have created a visual masterpiece.

Life Of Pi

Being called by some early critics the best film for the eyes since Cameron's Avatar, Life Of Pi is one of the most highly anticipated films of the season. This intriguing adventure story that follows a boy and a tiger stranded at sea is an adaptation of the award-winning novel of the same name by Yann Martel. And, with a colourful array of zoo animals and exotic scenery, the story certainly calls for a film that focuses on the visual. If early reviews and trailers are any indication, director Ang Lee has certainly succeeded in bringing this unique and breathtaking adventure to life on screen.

The Hobbit

Of course, no discussion on the remaining films of 2012 would be complete without a mention of The Hobbit, particularly with regard to visual quality. Fans of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy are already familiar with the magical world that exists on Peter Jackson's screen, and it looks as if we can expect more of the same with the first film in what is to be a Hobbit trilogy. The concept of the film has earned its share of criticism - largely because Jackson and the producers are stretching a short book into an entire trilogy - but, visually, it seems that there is little doubt The Hobbit will be stunning.