(Cover) - EN Movies - Salma Hayek says the martial arts fighters on the set of her latest film were “so scary”.
The actress stars in action comedy Here Comes the Boom, which centres on a biology teacher who decides to become a mixed-martial arts fighter to raise money for his school.
Salma was constantly surrounded by martial arts professionals while working on the film and she found them intimidating.
“It was really bizarre because they’re so mean,” she told British magazine OK!
“It’s so scary and they were around everywhere. It was incredible how sweet they [really] were.”
The 46-year-old stars alongside her good friend Kevin James in the film.
Kevin took on the lead role and Salma was impressed with how involved he was in the fight scenes.
“I want to say something that was very impressive for me – Kevin really did all those fights,” she gushed.
“Not only did he get into shape, he was actually good at the fighting. I mean, we did have some problems when he got injured many times. He’d walk in limping every day. At some point when you’re waiting around, I’m like: ‘Well, teach me some moves,’ so they taught me a couple of punches. So be nice!”
Salma admits were some aspects of the film that she wasn’t so comfortable with.
The actress wanted a body double for her kiss with Kevin as their families are so close.
“I’m really good friends with his wife and children,” she explained.
“I’ve been kissing people on the screen all the time, but we’re actually good friends and the kids are good friends. It’s the kid thing. By the way, it is really weird because he’s actually a very good kisser!”