(Cover) - EN Movies - Jessica Biel found it an “interesting challenge” to explore the connection between a mother and her child in Playing for Keeps.
The 30-year-old actress takes on the role of young mom Stacie in the romantic comedy about a former sports star, played by Gerard Butler.
Jessica recently married Justin Timberlake, but the couple are yet to have children of their own.
“Well, I had to understand the connection between a mother and their child, number one, which...I don't have kids, so that, for me, was a real interesting challenge,” she explained to Buzzine.com.
“And Gabriele [Muccino, director] was always talking to me about, like, ‘No, mothers and their children; it's an intense passion. Like, you don't let anyone mess with your kid.’ And that's kind of what he had to constantly talk me through because I was a little... I think my initial instinct was to be a little bit gentler to the George character about everything, and he was saying, ‘No, you are protective. You're like a mother bear trying to protect your cub.’”
Jessica has taken on roles ranging from an action character in The A-Team, to Psycho actress Vera Miles in biopic Hitchcock.
Despite initially struggling to connect to her character’s maternal instincts, Jessica explains it was Stacie’s personality that drew her towards the role.
“Well, I think she's, for me, a real complicated, interesting, brave woman who is just trying to keep her son in a protected environment and safe, and someone who's responsible, and create a life for him because she had an experience with a guy who was the love of her life and it just didn't work out. But what is she going to do to continue her family unit' And she's doing whatever she can.
And so that, for me, I found very intriguing and I look up to her in a sense,” she revealed.