(Cover) - EN Movies - Billy Crystal and Bette Midler “just fit” professionally.
The pair star alongside each other in upcoming family comedy Parental Guidance.
Billy and Bette met at the beginning of their careers in the 1960s and have been close friends and colleagues ever since.
Billy is delighted to have worked with Bette in Parental Guidance and he believes the public is equally happy about the project.
"We are like a pair of old shoes. They just fit,” he told USA Today in a joint interview with Bette.
"[Moviegoers] get a smile when they see the poster. I've watched them. They don't see me in the lobby of the movie theatre. I was down in Battery Park the other night and there were people stopped in front of our poster. And I heard, 'Oh, I love them.' So here we are."
Bette is impressed with Billy’s on-camera charisma.
She acknowledges that her co-star is a master of his craft.
"He's a great improviser," Bette said.
"Warm, funny and very much in charge in a subtle way. And making it right. Not just right but better."
Parental Guidance will be released in US theatres on Christmas Day.