(Cover) - EN Movies - Sir Roger Moore has recalled being terrified after having “a bayonet at his throat” while shooting The Wild Geese.

The actor starred alongside Richard Harris and Richard Burton in the 1978 movie, which was shot in South Africa. They played mercenaries who were double crossed after being hired to save an opposition leader about to be executed in Africa.

The actors all needed extensive training ahead of shooting, with Roger laughing as he recalled what they went through.

“Well, we had Mad Mike, the Colonel. He really was a soldier and he was in charge of getting the mercenaries that we had,” the 85-year-old star recalled to EW.com. “We had a few of them that were rather terrifying. They’d pull their bayonets and you’d be up against the wall with the point of a bayonet at your throat.”

The actual shoot was a lot of fun though, as the men all bonded. They enjoyed playing pranks on each other, with Moore remembering coming home one evening to find a host of rubber animals in his bed.

He immediately knew Harris had put them there, so decided to get his own back.

“I could hear [Harris] sniggering outside the window, waiting for me to scream. Which I never did, because I found it. But the next night I took the snake and put it in Harris’ boot. Then I listened to him scream in the morning,” Moore laughed.