Kris Jenner is eternally thankful that she was encouraged to decorate her garden with fake reindeers.

The mother of the famed reality TV family took to her Twitter page to share her Christmas preparations.

Kris explained that the family have a festive tradition for putting up life-sized reindeer models in the garden.

She gushed that it was her son Rob Kardashian's ex-girlfriend, actress-and-model Adrienne Bailon, who introduced the novelty concept into their home.

"There's a situation and a whole tradition going on over here at the Jenner house. The tradition all started with Adrienne Bailon when she was dating Rob, she sent me a couple of life sized reindeers," Kris revealed on a video posted to Twitter. "It's my favourite tradition we've ever had, well one of my favourite traditions, one of the best traditions. Adrienne if you're watching you're a doll and we miss you a lot, anyway look what I've bought, a whole new reindeer family! Merry Christmas everybody!"

"My new reindeer family!" Kris tweeted along, with pictures showing her hugging various sized reindeers in her garden. "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas."

Kris' children have also tweeted their progress as they head home for the holidays. Kim and Khloé took to their Twitter pages to express sadness and excitement at leaving Miami, where they have been shooting a new reality series.

"Had the best time here but so ready to get home for the holidays!" Kim tweeted. "NYC during Christmas time!!!! Finally it feels like the holidays!!! (sic)"

Kim also blogged about the festive period and shared her favourite Christmas movies.

"I love Christmas movies!! My all time favourites are probably The Santa Clause and The Grinch," Kim revealed. "Check out the rest of my favourite Christmas movies in the gallery (sic)."

Khloé posted a short video of herself as she travelled home for Christmas.

The X Factor US host shared her excitement at the family's festive card this year as well as some fun memories she has from Christmas time.

"Ok, Miami we will be seeing ya the fam are all heading back to Cali. So excited! I love you Miami but I can't lie I'm very excited to be going home and to not come here at the weekends. Woohoo Cali here we come, (sic)" she said on the video.

"Now this is one of my favourite Christmas memories of all time! This pic was taken the morning that I got my dog Harley. I was absolutely in LOVE! There‚Äôs nothing like waking up on Christmas morning to a puppy in a Santa hat :), (sic)" Khloé continued on her blog.