Ricky Gervais is "a complete fascist" when it comes to his art.

The British comedian has created TV shows such as The Office and hosted the Golden Globe Awards three times, gaining a reputation for making outlandish remarks about Hollywood stars.

He knows his brand of humour isn't for everyone, but has no intention of ever toning down his opinions.

"I'm not doing it for anyone but me. You mustn't ever consider anything except your own view. I want it my way, or not at all. I say that quite unapologetically. Art is not a democracy. You have to be a complete fascist," he told British newspaper The Telegraph.

Ricky made the comment while talking about his latest TV show Derek, which is about a man who works in an old people's home.

The star has previously penned a programme about a dwarf and has been blasted for using an offensive term to describe Susan Boyle. He doesn't understand why he is always at the centre of criticism but doesn't let it affect his day to day life.

"People hate my mere existence. Some people hate me because I'm an atheist. What do you do' Do you go around suddenly believing in God. It's ridiculous. You can't worry about criticism. It's all about subjective," he explained.

The 51-year-old star understands that his brand of humour isn't for everyone. While he has some fans other people are bound to dislike his jokes and he believes this shows he is doing something right.

"If I worried about all the people who don't like my work, I might as well go round to them door-to-door saying, 'I notice you haven’t bought my DVD today. Can I ask why' Is there anything I can do to help' While I'm here, do you need your windows doing' There are seven billion people in the world – I don't need them all to like me," he said.