Arnold Schwarzenegger thinks his tough guy characters would "join forces" rather than come to blows if they all met up.

The actor is renowned for playing action stars such as Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaefer in 1987 film Predator and Sheriff Ray Owens in his latest release The Last Stand.

The 65-year-old refused to answer when quizzed on which of his alter egos would ultimately triumph in a battle, insisting they would team up to stamp out the villains.

"Of all the characters' Well I think that they would all join forces. Most of the characters I play are in law enforcement, if it's a CIA agent, an FBI agent, a police officer, a police chief, a fire marshal, a spy, a secret agent... they are all a good bunch of the same characters," he told Cover Media. "They are in authority and they fight the bad guys. Where it's different is with the Terminator movies. They are a machine and not on the law's side. So you got to go and very seriously look at Terminator 5 and see what happens! Terminator 5 - they are writing it now."

Arnold has built a career on one-liners which are instantly recognisable and have seen him become a cult figure among action movie fans.

Again he is reluctant to choose one of his favourites, although there are several he loves. The star is also looking forward to seeing which parts of The Last Stand particularly entertain.

"I would say there is not one but there are several. Obviously, 'I'll be back,' [from The Terminator] and, 'I lied,' [from Commando]. Or when I nailed the guy with the knife through the chest and pinned him to the wall in Predator and I say, 'Stick around.' Those are classic lines," he laughed. "But the interesting thing is you never know ahead of time which line is going to make it. It's people themselves who pick the lines and make them famous. So you never know."

The Last Stand sees Arnold's character team up with his band of hapless employees to try to stop a Mexican gangster escaping across the border.

The movie hits screens in the UK on January 24.