Dominic Monaghan stands firm on his stance in the feud between him and Lost co-star Matthew Fox.

Matthew was accused of punching Cleveland, Ohio bus driver Heather Bormann in a suit filed against him in 2011.

Dominic subsequently took to Twitter, calling Matthew a “woman beater”.

Matthew countersued, claiming she fabricated the story and then Heather eventually withdrew her case.

Dominic despises brutality and will always speak out against domestic abuse.

“I think being nice and peaceful is the way to move forward,” he told People magazine.

“The best people in our history have been exposed to violence and chosen to do something else.”

Dominic’s new eight-episode TV series Wild Things, in which he communes with some of the world’s most feared creatures, recently premiered.

The star has always loved animals.

“I can get overwhelmed by heights but I control my fear around animals,” he explained.

“I was that kid who was in my garden with dirty fingernails digging through dirt, finding worms and beetles. [Filming Lost,] I was asked to clear scorpions off set because people knew I wouldn’t kill them.”

Wild Things airs on BBC America.