Sofía Vergara has apparently decided to postpone house hunting with her fiancé.

The Modern Family actress is reportedly going through a rocky patch with businessman Nick Loeb. After they were seen arguing at a party on New Year’s Eve, it has now been claimed they have put plans to buy a home together on hold. The pair had considered snapping up a property in Los Angeles, but have seemingly changed their minds.

“They were looking at mansions in Beverly Hills and Westwood, but Nick’s realtors just called it off, and were saying they were breaking up,” a source told New York Post.

However, another insider insists they are still together and are determined to resolve their differences.

“They are currently still together and are trying to work things out - but it is rocky,” a source claimed
The report follows speculation that Sofía and Nick have decided to attend pre-marital couples counselling.

According to America’s Star magazine, the actress and her beau agreed to seek “professional help” to resolve their issues following their heated exchange in a Miami nightclub on New Year’s Eve, which reportedly ended with Nick being thrown out of the venue.

“She decided they needed professional help before she would walk down the aisle,” a friend told the publication. “They had their first session over the phone – and so far, so good!”

Columbian-born Sofía recently insisted that she is happy with Nick, but admitted she has no idea when they will get married.

“No, not yet,” she replied when asked if she has set a wedding date. “I just came from a very big birthday, my 40th birthday. I did a really big party. I think when I get married, I guess I’m going to have to do another big party, because that’s what my family expects. They’ll be very upset [f I don’t] and now I don’t have the time.”