Johnny Depp has reportedly been left “heartbroken” by Amber Heard.

The actor has been rumoured to be involved with the stunning 26-year-old star for a period of seven months.

However, it was recently reported that the heartthrob had been dumped by Amber, who is now thought to be dating a woman.

“Things hadn’t been right between them since before Christmas, but I doubt he realised this would happen,” an insider told British magazine Grazia. “He’ll be heartbroken.”

Since the 49-year-old actor split with his partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis in June last year, Amber is the only woman he has been romantically linked to. The pair were first connected on set of their movie The Rum Diary, with the Pirates of the Caribbean star reportedly becoming quickly smitten with Amber.

“Johnny had felt he’d found his soulmate in Amber,” a friend revealed.

While Johnny was falling for Amber, it has become apparent that she was coveting a relationship with a female companion. Sources have spoken about Amber’s closeness with Marie de Villepin, whose father is the former President of France, which grew stronger than her bond with Johnny.

“It seems she ended up feeling more for Marie than she did Johnny,” an insider reflected.

Amber has dated women in the past and has always been open about her sexuality.