Nicholas Hoult has joked that men are just like zombies.

The English actor stars in new comedy film Warm Bodies in which he plays a member of the un-dead. The 23-year-old joked that zombie behaviour was relatively easy for him to portray, as it isn’t too far from that of everyday men.

“We had a ‘zombie coach’ for the film, and that was interesting. The scene when we’re in a bar is like a commentary of men in real life. Even when we’re grunting at each other, we’re actually having those conversations that guys have,” he joked to British edition of Cosmopolitan. “Most of the time they really are that brief. It’s, ‘How you doing?’ ‘Good’. ‘Did you see the game?’ ‘Yeah, it was alright.’ And that’s pretty much it.”

The actor, who is recently thought to have split from award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence, opened up about matters of the heart. He explained how feeling pain is an important part of life that should be embraced rather than blocked.

“In one of those moments when you have a lot of pain in your life, there’s part of you that would obviously like not to feel that, but I think it’s important to feel all those things in life – you can’t block it out,” he revealed.