(Cover) - EN Movies - Jason Bateman was thoroughly impressed by his Identity Thief co-star Melissa McCarthy’s work in the film.

The comedic actors star alongside each other in director Seth Gordon’s upcoming comedy.

Identity Thief’s plot centres on a businessman named Sandy, portrayed by Jason, who gets his identity stolen by a kooky woman named Diana who is depicted by Melissa.

Jason respects Melissa’s work and gives her nothing but praise for her acting approach.

"This one brings the noise," Jason told USA Today in a joint interview with Melissa.

"In this, she played the character so humanely. That's the line of work available to this woman, and it's victimless. It's not malicious or skeevy."

Jason tried his best to have audiences identify with his character in the movie.

"It was important for this guy to really be us,” he explained.

“Nothing bad could happen to him. He's sweet, and his lake is placid, until she throws this big rock in the middle of it. Sandy seemed like a kind and meek central character, and that was fun to play.”

Identity Thief will be released in the US on February 8.