With the excitement of Christmas over, New Year’s resolutions being broken and Summer still a way off; the first few months of the year are certainly the most bleak.

A new poll revealed today shows that Brits are turning to a good film to help lighten their moods, but surprisingly it’s comedies with ‘funny females’ rather than ‘comedic chaps’ that are top of the chorts.

The survey by Gallo Film Club unveiled that over two thirds (68%) of its UK film club members selected a comedy with a leading female character as the best way to beat the blues.

The 2011 rom-com Bridesmaids led the way with 38 per cent of Brits choosing the title, followed by There’s Something About Mary (16%) and Forgetting Sarah Marshall (14%) taking second and third place respectively.

However, comedic chaps did make it into the top 10, with The Hangover (9%) the highest at number 4 and Seann William Scott and Paul Rudd’s performances in Role Models (5%) seeing them come in at number 5.

The growing UK appeal for female comedians is seemingly not limited to the big screen, with talented comedic actresses and stand-ups including Miranda Hart and Sarah Millican taking over popular prime time television spots – proving that the tide is definitely turning when it comes to our tastes in humour.

The top ten films include:

1. Bridesmaids (38 per cent)
2. There’s Something About Mary (16 per cent)
3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall (14 per cent)
4. The Hangover (9 per cent)
5. Role Models (5 per cent)
6. Blades of Glory (5 per cent)
7. Zoolander (4 per cent)
8. Happy Gilmore (4 per cent)
9. You Don’t Mess With The Zohan (3 per cent)
10. Kingpin (2 per cent)
11. All others (1 per cent)