Nicole Kidman says the setting for her latest movie was “perfect”.

The star is currently promoting new thriller Stoker, which was filmed in a grand southern house near to her home in Nashville, Tennessee. Nicole attended a special screening of Stoker at the Curzon Soho in London on Sunday night and praised director Chan-wook Park for choosing such an atmospheric location.

“I think the setting actually, Tennessee, was perfect for this kind of film, even though director Park didn’t want it to be too Southern. But I think it is just timeless,” she told British newspaper The Telegraph.

Mia Wasikowska also stars in Stoker, playing India – who has a fraught relationship with her mom Evelyn, portrayed by Nicole.

Mia was thrilled to land a role in the movie, as she is a huge admirer of filmmaker Park.

“I loved it, it was really original and really unique, but also classic,” she explained. “Being a huge fan of director Park I was really excited to see what he would do with it.”

In Stoker, Evelyn’s relationship with India comes under further strain after the death of her husband and the arrival of his mysterious brother Charlie, who is played by Matthew Goode.

Park has revealed the process of casting Matthew in the complex role.

“Uncle Charlie was the last character to be cast. A lot of names were discussed, but there were three qualities needed for the character,” he explained through a translator. “He needed to be a perfect gentleman and at the same time a perfect devil, as well as capture a childlike innocence. Within the first five minutes of talking to Matthew, I knew I had found Uncle Charlie.”

Matthew insists he was happy to work in a cast dominated by females. The star revealed that Mia kept him entertained during shooting and he was also full of praise for Nicole.

"It's like another day at home, me and my daughter and my wife,” he explained. “Yeah I love it, I mean also they're – taking out their sex – they're just brilliant actors which is just fantastic and really, I mean I'm such a fan, I'm such a fan of Mia, she's made me laugh a lot and she's so talented and Nicole is just an incredibly lovely woman.”