Mia Wasikowska has described the process of making thrillers as "disappointingly dull".

The 23-year-old Australian actress stars in the British-American psychological thriller Stoker which is directed by Park Chan-wook.

Mia says she is unaware of how scary the movie is as she is yet to see the finished production in the cinema.

"No [I'm not aware of how scary it is], it's never like that; it's actually disappointingly dull!" Mia told BBC Radio 6. "When you are making the film, the atmosphere isn't nearly as thrilling as when you see it in the cinema. I'm always surprised when I see the finished version of movies. It's never one person alone in a creepy house when you film, the reality is, it’s 50 people and you're surrounded with crew, sound-producers and such. I love seeing the finished product, how it all comes together in the end."

In Stoker, Mia stars as India Stoker, a mysterious teenager who finds herself living with her enigmatic uncle Charlie and emotionally unstable mother Evelyn after the death of her father. Mia said she loved playing such a complex and kooky character.

"That sums it up; [India is a kooky role]. I haven't played a character like her before so I was excited to play someone unusual to me and I was also drawn to working with [Park Chan-wook], a director who makes films I'm fascinated by," she explained.