Carey Mulligan's miscarriage scene in Mudbound felt "very present and real" as she had become a mum for the first time just months before.

The Great Gatsby actress has played a mother onscreen in Suffragette and Drive, but in Mudbound, it was her first time playing one after she had become a mum herself.

Her daughter Evelyn was only eight months old when she shot the drama in May 2016, and she admits the scene where her character Laura suffers a late miscarriage hit her hard.

"It was so close to having my daughter that it just felt very present and real" she admitted to Harper's Bazaar magazine.

Carey, who welcomed her second child Wilfred in August (17) with husband Marcus Mumford, plays the matriarch of the McAllan family, who have to move to Mississippi after her husband Henry buys a farm.

The actors were exposed to the elements just like their characters were and they had to cope with rainstorms, intense sun and mosquitoes, among other issues.

"We were sweating. We looked disgusting," the 32-year-old explained. "The only make-up they put on any of us was sun damage to make us look like we'd been burned a lot."

The film takes place in the 1940s and follows the racial tensions between the white McAllan family and the African-American Jacksons, who work on the farm.

Because of its period setting, the British actress thought the events were historical, but such acts of racism still exist today.

"I think because I live in London, I suppose I have an idea that we're all very multicultural and everyone is very accepting and I had no idea the extent to which racism is still rampant in America... I was naive as to how bad it is still today," she confessed.

Mudbound is available on Netflix now.