Elizabeth Hurley shared a shocking picture of her nephew's stab wound as she appealed for anyone with information about the incident to come forward on Tuesday (20Mar18).

Miles Hurley and a friend were stabbed by a group of five men following an argument over a minor road collision in south London on 8 March (18).

Elizabeth, who flew back to the U.K. to be with her family after the attack, has been giving her fans updates about Miles' progress on social media, and at the weekend, she told fans his wound was "shocking" and he was in a great deal of pain.

On Tuesday, she went one step further by sharing a picture of the large stab wound on Twitter, followed by the caption, "This is what the knifemen did to my nephew's back," followed by a list of phone numbers to call if anyone has information about the incident.

She also issued a long appeal for witnesses and information, giving a detailed account of what happened that night alongside a picture of the suspects' car, a black hatchback with blacked out windows, taken from a surveillance camera.

The Royals star described how the two 21-year-olds were in a beige Fiat 500 when they became involved in an altercation over the collision, but when they drove away, the group of men in the hatchback "chased them at a high speed" before the youngsters got out of their car.

"The suspects also stopped, got out of their vehicle, attempted and failed to abduct my nephew by putting him in the trunk of their car, stabbed them both and drove off," she wrote. "The driver of the suspects' vehicle is white or mixed race, aged early to mid-20s, 6ft tall, of large build and with a shaved head and stubble. He was wearing a navy blue tracksuit. His passengers are all described as young black men."

The 52-year-old also uploaded a statement from Detective Constable Simon Monga who called it "a violent and unnecessary attack" and appealed for anyone to come forward and call the numbers provided.

Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant also shared the appeal and tweeted, "My godson. Any help appreciated."