Actor Joaquin Phoenix is taking punk rock messiness to his garden bed by planting a hodgepodge of fruits and vegetables.

The vegan Her star has eaten fruit and vegetables exclusively since he was three years old, and instead of buying organic produce at the supermarket, he prefers to grow his own food right at home, but the 43-year-old admits he doesn't really know what he's doing.

"I just take (a bunch of seeds), like I say (I do) rock and roll gardening," he tells Collider. "I just grab f**king things, and I go, 'I should probably put down (make a note of) what's growing where, so I know,' but I don't. I have arugula, I have leaf lettuce, zucchini, green beans."

But Joaquin's unmarked mess of a garden has some type of organisation - the star has his watering system down to an exact science.

"There's a sprinkler system that goes (on), but that only happens early morning," he shares. "When it's (the garden) just starting out (seeds recently sown), I water it twice. In the beginning, I have to water it twice."

Joaquin's chaos method of gardening has worked so far, with the star revealing he has actually engineered a bountiful harvest.

"I've already gone through one cycle with the crops coming in, and so I just planted new stuff," he says.

Joaquin has been an advocate of plant-based eating for years and he has also supported animal welfare initiatives through his charity work with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and In Defense of Animals.