The 23-year-old American actress has become an international star thanks to her role in the hit US teen drama Gossip Girl, which follows the lives of a group of stylish youngsters living in New York.

Blake has since ventured into the movie realm starring in Accepted, The Town and upcoming film The Green Lantern opposite Ryan Reynolds.

The star says she chooses her parts simply based on how she feels “emotionally”.

"People often ask me whose career I look at or would I like mine to be like, or if I want to break out of this or that genre and if the role I'm about to do can help me do that,” she explained. “It's not really a suitable question because the decisions I make on parts come from a far more emotional place. It has to be a character that I connect will or someone I can have empathy with."

Blake is “excited” about the challenge of tackling varying film roles. The beauty, who plays Serena van der Woodsen in successful TV show Gossip Girl, doesn’t want to be typecast.

"I think it's important to play different roles because you want to challenge yourself; you want to experience new things and never get in a rut. When you are in a TV show, you play the same character every day, and so when you get the opportunity to play something different it's that much more exciting because it's not like you are going from film to film,” she said in an interview with British newspaper The Independent.

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