Actress Busy Philipps' marriage to director Marc Silverstein is back on track after a tough 2017 summer.

The former Dawson's Creek star admits the couple's 10-year union was put to the test while the filmmaker was shooting I Feel Pretty in New York.

Busy, who has a supporting role opposite Amy Schumer in the comedy, doesn't go into details about the pair's problems, but tells Health magazine she and her husband have overcome them.

"I’ve been vocal that marriage is not easy. It’s complicated," she tells the publication. "We had a really hard summer (last year), with him directing - and the specifics of what that is and what that means.

"I don’t think is super important, publicly, to get into. Everyone is working and struggling to make it work, you know? But I think being honest about how difficult marriage is, and succeeding in long-term relationships is... I think that’s a great conversation to be had."

But Busy, who loves to update fans on social media, refuses to turn her marriage troubles into Instagram gossip, adding, "There’s some private stuff that I don’t talk too intensely about. There’s stuff with Marc and our relationship that I don’t think is appropriate for me to put out publicly because of my children."

The actress also refuses to post her kids' "horrible moments", stating, "People are like, ‘Your girls always look so sweet’, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, because I’m not gonna post their horrible moments for you to see!’ That’s not fair to them."

But Busy is fair game, and recently posted a video online of herself suffering a meltdown after realising she had left her daughter Birdie's two beloved cuddly toys behind following a vacation to Hawaii, calling it "a total parental fail".