Oprah Winfrey now embraces her brand label, but was resistant to use the term when it was first applied to her.

The American business mogul started her career as a local TV anchor, before landing her own talk show and becoming an Oscar-nominated actress.

Oprah has long been thought of as the complete package, but it’s taken a while for the 64-year-old to recognise that she is in fact a brand.

“I recognise now that I am a brand, but I was resistant to being called a brand for many years, because I was like brand? I’m not a brand, I’m a person,” she confessed to British Vogue editor Edward Enninful in a chat for the fashion glossy. “But how I got to be a brand was not trying to be a brand. How I got to be a brand was everyday, making choices that felt like this is the right move, now that’s the right move, now that’s the next right move.

“So my frustration with young women and young men is they think it’s meant to happen like this (clicks) and they don’t understand there’s a process to it.”

In the long-ranging chat, Oprah opened up about everything from the advice she’d give her younger self, to her personal aeroplane being her greatest luxury.

She was also happy to divulge her favourite comfort food.

“Pasta, any kind,” she revealed. “Let me have some today after this Vogue shoot!”

“You deserve it,” Edward smiled.

“Also any kind of bread, I love bread,” the TV legend added.