Gemma Arterton has written a short story based on her Bond film character, Strawberry Fields.

The British actress starred in Quantum of Solace in 2008 and believes that the high-profile role has aided her career, as well as helped her secure the finances necessary to shoot her latest film, The Escape. Gemma thinks it is time for a woman to take on the James Bond role and has now admitted that she would have made some changes to her former character if she had her way now.

"I've always thought there should be a Bond woman but then she might be someone that... I wouldn't want to see her take advantage of a young man," she laughed in a chat with Cover Media. "I've written this short story which I could get in so much trouble for. It's called Woke (a term meaning newfound social awareness) Bond Woman and it's about what my Bond girl should have done, but it's really funny."

The Escape marks the latest in a line of strong female parts for Gemma, who has previously had stage roles in shows such as Made in Dagenham and Nell Gwyn. She is also involved in the Time's Up campaign and a scheme called Equal Representation for Actresses, which is advocating for 50:50 gender balance on British stage and screen by 2020.

"I mean, we're part of this Time's Up movement where all of these actresses, and writers, and directors, and filmmakers that are female get together and meet and just talk," the 32-year-old explained. "No way would I work with Felicity Jones in a movie because there's usually one part for a woman of one age. And so, I meet her and say, 'Let's make a film together,' and she's like, 'Yeah.'

"This great collective voice is really encouraging and I just hope we will make more honest films about what it is to be a woman rather than what people would like to see," she added.