Brad Pitt has turned back to religion because it helps him feel more "optimistic".

The actor was raised in a conservative household as a Southern Baptist, but had rejected his Christian faith - previously labelling himself either agnostic or atheist.

But in an interview with U.S. GQ Magazine, the Ad Astra star confessed he's moved past his "rebellious" streak and found faith again.

"I grew up with Christianity... And then when I got on my own, I completely left it and I called myself agnostic," the star recalled. "Tried a few spiritual things but didn’t feel right. Then I called myself an atheist for a while, just kind of being rebellious. I wasn’t really.

"But I kinda labeled myself that for a while. It felt punk rock enough."

However, Pitt confessed he now "clings" to his faith, adding: "(I've) always questioned it, but it worked at times

"I found myself coming back around to just belief in - I hate to use the word spirituality, but just a belief in that we’re all connected.”

The Fight Club actor's comments come shortly after he told Australian TV show The Project that opening up about his past struggles with alcoholism helped him achieve "greater peace of mind".

"It leads to a more well-rounded, certainly more comfortable existence within yourself, and greater peace of mind," he said. "And I find that you can enjoy the good stuff more."