(Cover) - EN Movies - Sam Worthington says James Cameron’s ideas for an Avatar sequel are “monumental”.

The actor gained recognition for playing Jake Sully in Cameron’s blockbuster in 2009.

Cameron has been planning to film a sequel following the extraordinary success of the original film, and Sam is thrilled by his spectacular science fiction brainstorming.

“I spoke to Jim [Cameron] recently and he told me the story and it’s monumental where he’s thinking of taking it,” he told Shortlist magazine. “It’s just a matter of him writing the script, piecing it together and figuring out how to push himself. He wants a challenge. And he wants to improve the audience’s experience. He’s been mucking around with 3D and frame rates a lot more.”

The original story told the tale of a fictitious tribe on a planet, who are forced to fight for their existence following an aggressive mining project carried out by humans.

There have since been rumours about where Cameron will set the scene for the ensuing movie, including exploring Pandora’s oceans.

Sam says the rumours are true.

“I think so, man. [James Cameron] went on a submarine for his birthday and he’s been doing a lot of free-diving. I happened to be working when he went underwater, but I’d have loved to go,” he said.

There has also been talk of the cast going on a rainforest trip so they can be inspired by the indigenous tribes. Sam is keen on the idea, and trusts Cameron’s legendary film making abilities.

“Yep, that’s an idea. I’m up for whatever Jim wants me to do. If he wanted me to go to the moon, I’d do it. He’s the type of guy that, not just as a director but as a good friend, challenges me as a man,” he gushed.

Sam has discussed the weirdest film script he’s been sent. The 35-year-old actor can’t believe some of the bizarre scripts that are handed to him.

“A lot of the roles I get offered are to run around, yell and smash s**t, but I got one that was actually set on another planet with a bunch of green kind of cat-like people. I was looking at it going, ‘Is this for f**king-real?’” he laughed. “So anyway, at the moment I’m considering it! In all seriousness, I literally looked at it and said, ‘You’ve got to be joking…’”

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