The 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, which celebrates “Great stories from the greatest storytellers”, has awarded the UK-produced and directed short The Good Fight the Best Documentary Short.

Created by Beija Films in association with Mother London, the film was directed and produced by Ben Holman, with Neirin Jones the director of photography.

The Good Fight follows Alan Duarte, who was born and lives in the notorious favela community of Complexo do Alemão in Rio de Janeiro who found salvation in boxing – and encourages others in his community to take up the sport.

The community is largely abandoned by the state and lacks many essential facilities, such as basic sanitation and endures shootouts between police, armed drug traffickers rival factions on a daily basis.

Alan’s family has been deeply affected by the ever-present conflict in the community and he has lost nine close family members to gun violence. However, Alan tried to define a different future for himself and he found salvation and hope through boxing. But, after a tragic personal event, he decided that his own salvation wasn’t enough and so he began his own boxing gym “Abraço Campeão” (Embracing Champions) to try and save others and build a brighter future for his son and the whole community.

In awarding the prize, the jury commented: "An unflinching portrait of finding hope in a world of danger; a journey of perseverance in the face of tragedy; an uplifting and visually compelling story of redemption. The winner of the Best Documentary Short is The Good Fight."

Before forming Beija Films Ben Holman started his career as an advertising art director in London. He now spends his time between Rio de Janeiro and London working on films and commercials. Neirin Jones began as a camera trainee before working his way up to work on films such as Skyfall and Prometheus. He lives in Rio de Janeiro.


DIRECTOR: Ben Holman
PRODUCER: Ben Holman
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Hermeti Balarin at Mother London
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Maga Bo, Ben Lamar Gay, MC Cidinho
EDITOR: Ben Holman
GRADE: Richard Fearon at MPC
SOUND DESIGN: James Lyme at Scramble Soho
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Marcos Gemal & TAG at Mother London