Islington based film festival announces this year’s programme with Pickups, starring Aidan Gillen (pictured below), opening the week celebrating independent cinema.

Unrestricted View is delighted to announce the 2018 programme for its North London Film Festival. Launched in 2016, and following two very successful years, the 2018 Unrestricted View Film Festival is set to be bigger and better than ever before and will take place between 23rd – 29thApril 2018.

This year, the festival is expanding beyond The Hen & Chickens Theatre and the addition of two new venues (Everyman’s Screen on The Green and The Vintage Mobile Cinema) will help to fully establish the festival as a notable cultural event across Islington. With the The Hen & Chickens Theatre set to be the bustling core of the week-long event, the pub below will serve as the networking and meeting place for filmmakers and fans alike.
Amongst the two new venues is the premier Islington cinema, Screen on Green, which will host the opening night film for UVFF 2018 – PICKUPS.

‘Pickups’ is the new film directed by Jamie Thraves, that follows the story of a man called Aidan, played by Aidan Gillen, suffering from insomnia, back trouble and the breakdown of his marriage. Aidan finds solace in a number of strangers he picks up, although he is now concerned that someone is stalking him. Work is getting on top of him too; he murdered a couple of people last week and he still has more people to kill... Pickups will be shown at 7pm on Monday 23rd April at The Screen on the Green.

The Festival’s main hub continues to be situated at The Hen & Chickens Theatre; an independent theatre and cinema in Islington, North London. From the diverse line-up of films set to show here, here are some of the highlights...

The 12 (Director: James Whitehill) – Wednesday 25th April, 7:30pm
A grieving, balaclava-wearing, widow attempts to hold a small countryside church congregation, and its Pastor, hostage after losing his wife to cancer.
Hippopotamus (Director: Edward Palmer) – Thursday 24th April, 7pm
Ruby wakes up to find herself kidnapped, with two broken legs, and no memory of who she is or how she got there. As her kidnapper, Tom, helps to jog her memory, Ruby begins to question everything...
Consolation (Director: Michał Szalonek) – Friday 27th April, 5.30pm
Patryk is a Polish man, returning home after 20 years in Germany. Paulina is young and wants to move to Germany to escape her dull life. When their paths cross, Patryk is forced to face his past.

In another first, The Vintage Mobile Cinema, the only surviving original Mobile Cinema from 1967, has also been chosen to air the festival’s impressive list of short films. This venue will be situated in the outside grounds of The Alwyne Castle pubic house from the 26th – 29th April and makes the perfect setting for the high calibre of short films chosen to air there. Whilst all the shorts are of a high calibre, here’s a few to look out for...

Once Upon a Dream (Dir: Anthony Nion, Belgium) – Friday 27th April, 6:30pm Vagabonds (Dir: Magaajyia Silberfeld, France, Niger, USA) – Saturday 28th April, 1.30pm Run Rabbit (Dir: Emily Haigh, UK) – Saturday 28th April, 6.30pm
Burn (Dir: Judson Vaughan, UK) – Saturday 28th April, 8.30pm
Father’s Letter (Dir: Denis Filyukov, Russia) – Sunday 28th April, 12.30pm
Cupidity (Dir: Simon Connolly, UK) – Sunday 28th April, 3.00pm

The Creative Director of the festival, James Wren, says:
The UVFF festival is run by filmmakers for filmmakers we’re passionate about celebrating all aspects of independent film making. This year, we were overwhelmed with submissions and the finalised programme boasts a wealth of talent from across the world. We’re also hosting events and workshops throughout the week at The Hen and Chickens Theatre, so there’s lots for people to get involved in!

Awards will be presented on April 29th, at The Hen and Chickens, after careful deliberation by our panel of judges who include Martina Cole (author of 24 best-selling novels, sold over 14 million books), Emilie Arnold (for five years, produced the BFI London Film Festival and BFI Flare), and Richard Glover (actor who appeared in Disney’s Into the Woods, as well as The Darkest Hour, Rogue One, and recently alongside Kit Harrington in BBC’s Gunpowder).

The awards and prizes categories will be:

Best Feature
Best Foreign Feature
Best Short
Best Foreign Short
Best Web Series
Best Documentary
Best Documentary (Short) Best Director
Best Actress (Feature)
Best Actress (Short) Best Actor (Feature) Best Actor (Short) Best Score
Best Cinematography Best Editing
Best Screenplay
Best Art Direction
Best Make Up/Costume

Tickets for all shows are available from or on the door.
Unrestricted View in collaboration with FMW Films is a collective of award winning theatre and filmmakers, established in 1997 to write and produce innovative and exciting new work. Combined, the companies have produced over 20 plays, five new writing festivals, seven feature films and hundreds of comedy shows, including the feature film, The Man You’re Not which recently won Best British Feature at the London Independent Film Awards.

Main Site:
Tickets: Twitter: @UViewFF

Monday 23rd April – launch night
Screen on the Green: 7:00pm – Pickups (74 mins)
Tuesday 24th April

The Hen & Chickens:
 4:15pm – Documentary Shorts 1
o Piotr (Dir: Zuzanna Kopacka, UK)
o The Ring I Hide (Dir: Joy Kong Fanyue, Singapore)
o Sisterly (Dir: Nina Vallado, USA)
o I Was 11 or 12 (Dir: Miri Stevens, UK)
o It All Began at Moseley (A Portrait of Philip Walsh) (Dir: David Walsh, Germany)
 5:45pm – USIRE (69 mins) (Dir: Jiří Maršálek, Czech Republic) – Narrative Feature
 7:15pm – Guardians (80 mins) (Dir: Mark A. C. Brown, UK)
 9:00pm – Dad is Pretty (92 mins) (Dir: Park Soo-Min & Kim Seung-Hyeon, Republic of Korea) –

Narrative Feature

Wednesday 25th April
The Hen & Chickens:
 4:15pm – Robin Hood Complex (82 mins) (Dir: Emile Ghessen, UK) – Documentary
 6pm – Wander About Me (76 mins) (Dir: Ghazaleh Soltani, Iran) – Narrative Feature
 7:30pm – The 12 (81 mins) (Dir: James Whitehill, UK) – Narrative Feature
 9:15pm – Bikini Blue (84 mins) (Dir: Jaroslaw Marszewski, Poland) – Narrative Feature

Thursday 26th April
The Hen & Chickens:
 4:15pm – Endgame (60mins) (Dir: Andi Reiss, UK) - Documentary
 5:30pm – Penitant (74 mins) (Dir: Brian Stynes, Ireland) – Narrative Feature
 7:00pm – Hippopotamus (76 mins) (Dir: Edward Palmer, UK) – Narrative Feature
 8:30pm – The Man With The Winged Tiger (110 mins) (Dir: Wataru Tomita, Japan) – Narrative

Vintage Mobile Cinema at The Alwyne Castle:
 4:00pm – Homunculus – Clockwork A.I. (Dir: Andrew Woodward, UK)
 4:30pm – The Ticket (Dir: Haris Stathopoulos, Greece)
 5:00pm – Eternally Child (Dir: Lorena Sopi, Kosovo)
 5:30pm – Before You Were Born (Dir: Samie Romman, UK)
 6:00pm – The Long Wet Grass (Dir: Samie Romman, UK)
 6:30pm – Little Wing Presents...
 7:30pm – The Final Girls Presents...

Friday 27th April
The Hen & Chickens:
 3:00pm – Web Series Competition
o M.O.T.H.E.R Knows Best (Dir: Chris Mayo & Scott Kingsnorth, UK) o Nemausus (Dir: Quentin Uriel, France)
o The Heritage (Dir: Felipe Vianna, Brazil)
o Jade Dragon (Dir: Joseph Brett, UK)
o Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults (Dir: John Henry Westhead, UK)
o Coming Together (Dir: Wessel van Schaik, USA)
 4:15pm – Baby London (52 mins) (Dir: Andres Roccatagliata, UK) – Documentary
 5:30pm – Consolation (76 mins) (Dir: Pawel Podlejski, Poland) – Narrative Feature
 7:00pm – She Was Young With Light Eyes (87 mins) (Dir: Giovanni Mazzitelli, Italy) – Narrative

 8:45pm – The Incantation (98 mins) (Dir: Jude S. Walko, USA) – Narrative Feature
Vintage Mobile Cinema at The Alwyne Castle:
 4:00pm – Cassandra Awakens (Dir: Sasha Knezev, Serbia/Montenegro)
 4:30pm – Those Who Can Die (Dir: Charlotte Cayeux, France)
 5:00pm – I Think I Know You (Dir: Jay Jones, UK)
 5:30pm – Home (Dir: Meena Ayittey, UK)
 6:00pm – Rainbow Umbrella Presents...
 6:30pm – Once Upon A Dream (Dir: Anthony Nion, Belgium)
 7:00pm – Godless (Dir: Fergus March, UK)
 7:30pm – London Horror Society Presents...

Saturday 27th April
The Hen & Chickens:
 12:15pm – Documentary Shorts 2
o Bare Knuckle Carer (Dir: Jonny Pickup, UK)
o Out (Dir: Petros Niamonitakis, Greece)
o Klatki: The Hidden Farms of Europe (Dir: C. M. Jackson, UK) o Mumpsimum and Halcyon Discord (Dir: Rolf Klein, UK)
 1:45pm – F**k It, It’s Over (98 mins) (Dir: Hardeep Giani, UK) – Documentary
 3pm – Shorts 1
o How I Found Myself (Dir: Chantelle Whitehead, UK) o Catch of the Day (Dir: Geraint Reynolds, UK)
o The Loft (Dir: Chryssanthi Kouri, UK)
o Eli (Dir: Colin Gerrard, UK)
o Love/Hate (Dir: Brad James, UK)
o Hawk (Dir: Peter Ellinas, USA)
o Younger (Dir: Bailey Tom Bailey, UK)
o Ashes (Dir: Christopher J Orr, UK)
o Hybrids (Dir: Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan Thireau, Romain
Thirion – France)  4:30pm – Shorts 2
o Actress (Dir: Edward L. Dark)
o Follow Me (Dir: Neil Monaghan, UK)
o Pill (Dir: Fenella Greenfield, UK)
o Another Game (Dir: Riyad Barmania, UK)
o Eat Jeremy (Dir: Sam South, UK)
o The Velvet Abstract (Dir: James Hughes, UK) o Zip (Dir: Jeremy Braunsberg, Austria)
o Those Moments (Dir: Rommel Villa, USA)
o Blows With The Wind (Dir: Hazhir As’adi, Iran)  6:00pm – Shorts 3
o Something More Banal (Dir: Shalini Adnani, Uk/Chile) o Burn (Dir: Judson Vaughan, UK)
o The Inuring (Dir: James Hughes, UK)
o Clean (Dir: Gabriel Larmour, UK)
o Heaven’s Rage (Dir: Mark Crane, UK)
o The Devoted (Dir: Maryam Modarres, Iran) o November (Dir: Oliver Paton, UK)
o A Beep in the Night (Dir: James Quinn, UK)
 7:30pm – A Sublime Life (105 mins) (Dir: Luis Diogo, Portugal) – Narrative Feature
 9:30pm – Loose Ends (96 mins) (Dir: Greg Zajac, Cananda) – Narrative Feature

Vintage Mobile Cinema at The Alwyne Castle:
 12:30pm – Catch of the Day (Dir: Geraint Reynolds, UK)
 1:00pm – Eli (Dir: Colin Gerrard, UK)
 1:30pm – Vagabonds (Dir: Magaajyia Silberfeld, France, Niger, USA)
 2:00pm – Speaking Daggers (Dir: Sally McLean, Australia)
 2:30pm – Something More Banal (Dir: Shalini Adnani, UK/Chile)
 3:00pm – The Hun (Dir: Tyler Mendelson, USA)
 3:30pm – Mama (Dir: Eduardo Vieitez, Turkey)
 4:00pm – The Hex (Dir: Nicholas Jessup, UK)
 4:30pm – Sanitiser (Dir: Jay Powrie, UK)
 5:00pm – Papua (Dir: Johnny Diaz, USA)
 5:30pm – Eat Jeremy (Dir: Sam South, UK)
 6:00pm – Homeward (Dir: Jack Blanch, UK)
 6:30pm – Run Rabbit (Dir: Emily Haigh, UK)
 7:00pm – Last Wish (Dir: Hayden Croft, USA)
 7:30pm – Clean (Dir: Gabriel Larmour, UK)
 8:00pm – Smiley’s (Dir: Mike James, USA)
 8:30pm – Burn (Dir: Judson Vaughan, UK)

Sunday 29th April
The Hen & Chickens:
 12:15pm – The Circle (65 mins) (Dir: Philippa Frisby, UK) – Documentary
 1:30pm – Shorts 4
o Sanitiser (Dir: Jay Powrie, UK)
o Seeing Him (Dir: Chris Jones, UK)
o Speaking Daggers (Dir: Sally McLean, Australia) o Mama (Dir: Eduardo Vieitez, Turkey)
o The Hex (Dir: Nicholas Jessup, UK)
o Unearthed (Dir: Daniel Bergeson, USA)
o dis(ability) (Dir: Gina Marie Foxhoven, USA)
 3:00pm – Shorts 5
o One Year Later (Dir: Daniel Booth, UK)
o Subtle Lines (Dir: Vladimir Karpychev, Russia) o Box (Dir: Sacha Beeley)
o Faery (Dir: Alexis Rosinsky, USA)
o Father’s Letters (Dir: Denis Filyukov, Russia) o Kids (Dir: Jordan Parrott, USA)
o We Will See Someday (Dir: Nari Hong, Korea)

 4:30pm – Shorts 6
o Cupidity (Dir: Simon Connolly, UK)
o Pink and Quilted (Dir: Frédéric Chane-son, France) o Run Rabbit (Dir: Emily Haigh, UK)
o No Hidden Extras (Dir: Ian Smyth, UK)
o Curse Words (Dir: Paul Rodriguez, UK)
o Moonlight Sonata (Dir: Jay Jones, UK)
o Punchline (Dir: Simon James, UK)
 6:00pm – Shorts 7
o Dress Rehearsal (Dir: Michael Boston, USA)
o Cotton Wool (Dir: Nicholas Connor, UK)
o Road to Jericho (Dir: Phillip G. Carroll Jr., USA)
o Come By Chance (Dir: Levente Kolcsey, Hungary)

Vintage Mobile Cinema at The Alwyne Castle:
 12:30pm – Father’s Letter (Dir: Denis Filyukov, Russia)
 1:00pm – Toll Booth (Dir: Martin Stocks, UK)
 1:30pm – Hybrids (Dir: Florian Brauch, Matthieu Pujol, Kim Tailhades, Yohan, Thireau, Romain
Thirion, France) and Box (Dir: Sacha Beeley)
 2:00pm – The Inuring (Dir: James Hughes, UK)
 2:30pm – No Hidden Extras (Dir: Ian Smyth, UK)
 3:00pm – Cupidity (Dir: Simon Connolly, UK)
 3:30pm – Another Game (Dir: Riyad Barmania, UK)
 4:00pm – Seeing Him (Dir: Chris Jones, UK)
 4:30pm – One Year Later (Dir: Daniel Booth, UK)
 5:00pm – Pill (Dir: Fenella Greenfield, UK)
 5:30pm – Pink & Quilted (Dir: Frederic Chane-son, France)
 6:00pm – Actress (Dir: Edward L. Dark) and The Loft (Dir: Chryssanthi Kouri, UK)
 6:30pm – Micro Shorts (Dir: Bob Pipe, UK)
 7:00pm – The Monster (Dir: Bob Pipe, UK)
 7:30pm – Half a Man (Dir: Kristina Kumric, Croatia)