The International Film Festival & Awards • Macao (IFFAM) is today delighted to announce that Chen Kaige will serve as International Competition Jury President at the 3rd edition of the festival, which will take place from 8 to 14 December 2018.

The International Competition programme is dedicated exclusively to films by first and second time film makers and includes an award of 60,000 USD for best feature.

Chen Kaige was awarded the 1993 Palme d’Or for his masterpiece FAREWELL MY CONCUBINE and still remains the only Chinese director to have won this prize.

Mike Goodridge, Artistic Director of the IFFAM, comments “There are very few directors who can boast careers as rich and profound as Chen Kaige. With a 35 year filmography spanning YELLOW EARTH to last year’s dizzyingly spectacular LEGEND OF THE DEMON CAT, he pioneered a new era in Chinese cinema in the 1980s and 1990s, yet continues to challenge himself today with the same energy, ambition and command of the medium across many different genres. His early films had a great impact on me when I was a student, showing me China and its people for the first time on screen. Indeed the humanity of his work has always resonated with audiences both in and outside China. That he has agreed to be our jury president this year is a great honour to our festival."

IFFAM Programme Highlights
Continuing the festival’s theme of A New Avenue to The World of Films, for its third edition the IFFAM is expanding its programme to include New Chinese Cinema, a showcase of four to six films representing the programming team’s choice of the best of Chinese language cinema first screened in 2018.
In addition the festival will screen a small collection of one to three films which will appeal to a wide family audience in the For All the Family strand. These films will be selected from all over the world.

As per previous editions the rest of the programme will comprise of the following strands:
· Competition – An international competition comprising a maximum of twelve feature films which is a showcase for first and second time film-makers with 60,000 USD as the award winning prize.
· Gala – mainstream crowd pleasing films will be presented, comprising a maximum of six films
· Flying Daggers – A non-competitive selection of international genre films
· Best of Fest Panorama –A non-competitive selection of films from other major international film festivals of the year
· Director’s Choice (Retrospective) – A non-competitive selection of six classic genre films, selected by six well-known directors; three films from Asia selected by non-Asian directors and three films from the world outside Asia selected by Asian directors
· In Focus (Retrospective) – A celebration of one or two specific outstanding talents to be invited among directors, actors, actresses, writers, directors of photography, production designers, producers, composers, editors etc with screenings of their films and on-stage interviews
· Special Presentations – Screenings of films at the discretion of the Artistic director and jury president related to special guest attendance and lifetime achievement honorees

The IFFAM Industry Hub and Masterclasses will also be held during the event.

International Professional Team
The International Professional Team for IFFAM includes Artistic Director, Head of Festival Management, Ambassadors, International Advisory Board, Head of Industry as well as Programming Consultants. Mike Goodridge and Lorna Tee are Artistic Director and Head of Festival Management respectively.
The team of International Consultants in charge of film selection include Giovanna Fulvi for Mainland China, Hong Kong and the Taiwan Region; Violeta Bava for Latin America, Spain and Portugal; Fionnuala Halligan for Europe, Russia, Israel and Australia/New Zealand and Hiromi Aihara for Japan; Maxine Leonard will be the consultant for US-related affairs; June Wu will also return as the Head of Industry.

For more information, please visit the official website: