In Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds character Wade Wilson is assembling a crack team of superheroes to help him in his latest mission. In the audition process, each wannabe hero tells Wade of his or her special power.

Neena Thurman’s character Domino arrives and tells Wade that her super power is luck. Whilst he struggles to comprehend such an unimaginative super power it comes in handy later in the story.

Apart from Domino though, who are films luckiest characters? The ones that make you curse your own foul luck and make you want to scream at the screen in frustration. Read on to find out.

Frodo Baggins
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Portrayed by: Elijah Wood

Frodo Baggins is the unassuming Hobbit from the Shire, entrusted with destroying an evil ring of power that could destroy the world. Whilst the story has several subplots which are incredibly exciting, Frodo’s journey is the centre point of the entire trilogy.
In the original novels Frodo’s importance is even more obvious as Tolkien invites the reader into Frodo’s conscious, telling the story from his perspective and portraying him as the sacrificing hero.
That’s all well and good, but one thing that’s often neglected in discussions about Frodo is how unbearably lucky he is. That luck and Frodo’s subsequent hero worship is particularly galling for viewers who feel that the true hero of the story is his loyal friend Sam.
When Frodo succumbs to Gollum’s manipulation, who is there to rescue him at the end? When Frodo gets himself trapped by a huge spider, who rescues him? When Frodo is faltering with the final destruction of the ring who is there to help him?
It’s always Sam. The oft overlooked Sam. Frodo is incredibly lucky to have him as a companion and if he didn’t Middle Earth would have met a very different end to the one it eventually saw.

Without Sam, Frodo would have got nowhere near destroying the ring.

Michael Jennings
Portrayed by: Ben Affleck

Philip Dick’s writing style left a lot to be desired, but the American author’s ability to imagine fascinating scenarios ensured his legacy. Paycheck was adapted by John Woo in 2003 and starred Ben Affleck alongside Uma Thurman.
The story follows Affleck’s character who is a reverse engineer in the near future. As a reverse engineer he is responsible for mimicking and improving competitor technology. The twist of the film is that every time he engineers a product he wipes his memory in order to protect the intellectual property of the company he is working for.
However, with the last act of the film, we see that Affleck’s character has written down a lucky combination of numbers with the help of some foresight from a machine, ensuring he wins an obscene amount of money on the lottery!

Paycheck is just one of the many stories from Philip Dick that has been put on the silver screen.

Billy Ray Valentine
Trading Places
Portrayed by: Eddie Murphy

This 1980s comedy film is encapsulates the yuppie culture that dominated that particular decade. Eddie Murphy’s character Billy Ray Valentine is an out of luck street hustler who all of a sudden lands on his feet.
Racist, corrupt and thoroughly dislikeable millionaires Randolph and Mortimer Duke decide to conduct a ‘social experiment’ wherein they trade places between one of their successful employees and Billy Ray Valentine.
Valentine is all of a sudden thrust into a world of decadence and wealth. He enjoys having a butler, a chauffeur and an endless supply of money. As the film progresses we follow the fortunes of the man he has traded places with, Louis Winthorpe III.
He isn’t quite as lucky as Valentine, but he does hit solid gold luck when he strikes up a friendship with prostitute Ophelia, portrayed by Jamie Lee Curtis. At the climax of the film both characters team up to make a fortune.

Billy Ray Valentine really lucks out in this Eddie Murphy film.

Owen Grady
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Portrayed by: Chris Pratt

Once a film franchise goes past a trilogy the quality usually drops off the edge of a cliff, that’s why Jurassic World was surprising. The fourth film in the Jurassic Park franchise was surprisingly good and well-produced.
The same can’t be said for the follow up Fallen Kingdom which was a very, very bad film. One of the elements that makes the film so bad is the incredible luck that Chris Pratt’s character benefits from.
We all know that Owen Grady is the main star of the film and that because of this he isn’t going to die, but that doesn’t stop the producers putting him in a series of perilous situations. He’s chased by a super raptor, shot and left for dead, almost drowned and even pursued by molten hot lava.
Yet he never dies, or even suffers serious injury, it’s ridiculous and completely ruins the film.

Even a cat would be envious of the lives that Chris Pratt’s character has in the latest Jurassic Park film.