This year’s Triforce Short Film Festival’s closing ceremony was held last night at BAFTA with the screening of the four finalists films and the winner of Best Documentary.

Established in 2012 the festival’s aim is to help promoting talent in contemporary film-making with a focus on inclusivity and a celebration of the film process as a whole, thus allowing all the creative team members to get their voice heard and further their careers.

The festival is a celebration of diversity and of exceptional visual storytelling. If there is one thing that film should always be able to do is change people’s hearts, generate awareness and leave something for the spectator to bring home, something that the festival widely promotes.

The four finalist films were Could you be my match?, Family Reunion, Prey and Vintage Blood. Each of them had a very particular visual style, voice and an exceptional story to tell.

Could you be my Match? tackles the issue of finding a proper match in both the romantic and the medical meaning of the word turning the title question into a direct address from a leukemia sufferer to the spectator.

Family Reunion, winner of the Best Film Award comprising of a cash price as well as a collaboration with Channel 4 to help the creative team with their future works, is a stunning visual experience. The editing and the narrative pace together with the actors’ brilliance make for a great story about family’s secrets, lies and betrayal.

Prey, also shot and edited beautifully, tells the story of a young woman after a night out and a psychopath stalking her in a car park. The film brings to the forefront the issue of violence on women leaving the spectator with a bitter feeling of never being safe.

Vintage Blood is a brilliant mix of horror and comedy telling the story of a vintage shop owner and a cursed Ouija board hunting her shop. The film won the Audience Award thanks to its witty script and noticeable visual style.

Last, but not least, the winner of Best Documentary, Amy Winehouse Appeal realised in collaboration with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, introduces the viewer to three young people who share their stories of downfall and redemption through the foundation. We follow their journey and strength as they rediscover how to love themselves and abandon alcohol, drugs and crime. The powerful documentary won a cash prize and the chance to work with Shiver for their future projects.

In promoting diversity and celebrating all the different roles of filmmaking Triforce reminds us of the beautiful variety of Film and that each film is always made of multiple voices who need to be heard.