The original Bella ensemble that we met in the first film is now out of university and into the world. Only Emily, introduced as a breath of fresh air in the last instalment is still at uni and performing as a Bella.
After realising that they miss performing together and that adult life is a bit harder and less fun than what they had imagined, Beca, Fat Amy and the others decide to join one last competition.
Singing for soldiers based in Europe, and competing to be the opening act of DJ Khaled on his next tour, the Bellas will face new challenges that will put their friendship to the test.

Back in tune with its first chapter, Pitch Perfect 3 is funny, eventful and a delight to the ears. Fat Amy’s character reveals a new side of her personality whilst we follow the Bellas on their path to adulting. They will realise that if music and acapella performances brought them together, it is truly their friendship that turned them into an actual family.

Full of pop music, new and old, the movie delivers: the riff-off is insanely good and the performances of Toxic (Britney Spears) and Cheap Thrills (Sia) will get you singing and dancing along. The plot is full of surprises and the girls are just as weird and goofy as they were in the first film. That is kind of why we fell in love with them: their awkwardness is relatable!

If you felt a bit let down by Pitch Perfect 2, fear not as Pitch Perfect 3 is truly aca-epic! Come and join the Bellas for the final call and get to say goodbye with a bang! Warning: this film might make you want to create your own acapella group…