Halle Berry and Justin Timberlake have called for justice in response to the shooting of Ralph Yarl.

Last Thursday, the 16-year-old was hospitalised after being shot twice and seriously wounded in Kansas City, Missouri after he went to the wrong address to pick up his brothers. According to his lawyers, the Black teenager was released from hospital over the weekend and is recovering at home.

The homeowner was placed under a temporary hold by police officers but has since been released pending further investigation.

In response to the news, Halle took to Twitter to voice outrage over the incident.

"His name is #RalphYarl and I'm sick and tired of this feeling...my heart completely broke when I learned this precious 16-year-old, who accidentally rang the door of the wrong address in an attempt to pick up his siblings, was shot in the head...by a man who didn't want him on his property. This innocent child is now fighting for his life," she wrote. "This could be your child. This should NOT happen. Please do something today! Join me and please contact Prosecutor Zachary Thompson...and demand an immediate arrest and bring the appropriate charges."

In a similar post, Justin urged followers to share Ralph's story on social media.

"This is #RalphYarl... a 16-year-old, who accidentally rang the door of the wrong house while trying to pick up his younger siblings," he stated on Instagram alongside two photos of the teenager. "He was immediately shot in the head by a man who didn't want him on his property. The man then shot him a second time as he was on the ground bleeding out. Right now, the man is free and the innocent teenager is fighting for his life in the hospital. This can't be it."

Elsewhere, Jennifer Hudson noted that she was praying that Ralph would make a full recovery.

"My God !!! Heartbroken for this young man and his family. Praying for his complete recovery!" the star added.

Other celebrities to join the call to action include Viola Davis and Naomi Campbell.