Harrison Ford "always wanted a final chapter" in his 'Indiana Jones' story.

The 80-year-old actor has played the titular character in the money-spinning film franchise since 1981, and he relished the opportunity to revive the character in 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny'.

Harrison told The Hollywood Reporter: "I’d always wanted a final chapter in the story.

"We first started thinking about it quite a few years ago. My ambition - all of our ambition - was to come up with a story that dealt with the reality of his age because he was such a physical character.

"I wanted to see him diminished and revivified by whatever the storyline was and by whoever the characters were. And when we got the story that felt right to everybody, then we went ahead."

Harrison has starred in some of the biggest film franchises of all time during his career, including 'Indiana Jones', 'Star Wars' and 'Blade Runner'.

The veteran actor insists that he's always enjoyed reviving his characters.

Harrison - who first found global fame as Han Solo in the 'Star Wars' movies - shared: "I’ve always felt, and the people that I’ve worked with have always felt, that we need to bring something new to the mix.

"If we’re going to do another Indiana Jones, the essential question is, 'What new thing are we going to learn about Indiana Jones?' Because if you don’t progress the character when you progress the story, you’re going to be out of sync.

"I have not been disappointed by any of those films that I’ve done where I’ve done it over - that I can think of right now."