Jacob Elordi travels home to Australia when he is in need of inspiration.

The Priscilla star has revealed his favourite things about his home country, Australia.

"Where I'm from, which is Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I was born and raised there," Jacob, 26, began in an interview with GQ. "There's something about the houses, like the style of the house, it's called Queenslander. And it has like an airway underneath it, and you live upstairs.

"There's like an inherent nostalgia, I guess, attached to it. And it's not like anywhere I've ever been in the world before."

The Euphoria star then explained that he often travels home when he is in need of some inspiration.

"So sometimes if I need inspiration or something, sometimes going home to where I grew up is helpful for that," Jacob shared. "You know, it's probably because I was raised there. Probably has something to do with that."

The actor added, "It's kind of this unspoken thing when you're from there. It has like a spirit that you can't really articulate or put into pictures or sounds or words."

Jacob noted that his feelings regarding his home may be universal, stating, "There's like a lust for childhood or something, like you're always trying to get those days back."