Sharon Stone has revealed she would like Margot Robbie to portray her on the silver screen.

While chatting with the hosts of The Lady Gang Podcast, the Basic Instinct star was asked if she had the opportunity to cast her own biopic, who would she choose to play a younger version of herself.

"I adore Margot Robbie so probably her," the actress, 65, offered. "She is so talented. After I saw her playing Tonya Harding I was like, you're it."

Sharon went on to agree with the hosts that the 33-year-old Australian actress is "the greatest".

Elsewhere in the discussion, the Casino star confessed to believing she is "hotter now more than I've ever been".

"I'm in my 60s. People think that no one looks at you anymore," Sharon explained. "And the truth of the matter is I have just as many people who want to sleep with me now as I ever did."

"There isn't that thing when you walk in the room that every guy goes, 'Oooo.' Because you're not as easy as you were when you were young."