Garth Brooks has commented on his cameo in the This Is Spinal Tap sequel, despite being sworn to "secrecy".

Last week director Rob Reiner revealed the country star was set to make an appearance alongside Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney in the upcoming film - a follow up to his iconic 1984 mockumentary.

During a livestream with Billboard this week, the Friends In Low Places singer answered a fan question about the cameo.

"Oh, with McCartney, and who is it, Elton maybe? No. Can't say anything about it," Garth replied with a laugh. "'Cause it's not my deal. If it's my deal, I'd spill my guts, but it's not, so they swear you to secrecy and to silence."

He added, "If you think you have laughed before, Jiminy Christmas... First of all, I was in love with Spinal Tap, in love with the original movie. The fact that it's coming back, it's gonna be neat to be a part of this. Because this is history, man."

During his appearance on the RHLSTP With Richard Herring podcast last week, Rob said when the first film initially came out, people "didn't know what the heck they were looking at" or didn't understand that it was satire.

"But over the years, people got it, and they started to like it," he added.

Filming for the sequel is set to begin at the end of February 2024.