Jacob Elordi only had three weeks to transform into Elvis Presley in Priscilla after filming Saltburn.

The Australian actor adopted a British accent to play posh student Felix in Emerald Fennell's thriller Saltburn before switching to a Southern drawl to portray the King of Rock and Roll in Sofia Coppola's Priscilla.

Elordi admitted to Vanity Fair that he initially thought it was "going to be impossible" to jump from one project to the other, given the accent training required, but he eventually realised "the short time is what made it work for me in my head".

"If I'd had too long to worry about it, I would have been in a bit of strife because I would have overthought the whole thing," he explained. "I had to do this British accent in Saltburn, so I got to lose that really quickly when I went into the Memphis drawl. But having the three weeks just gave me not a lot of time to worry about it."

While he only had three weeks to work on the accent, the Euphoria actor spent a lot of time preparing to play Elvis in his hotel room after a day's filming on Saltburn.

"They're strangely both meshed together in my head because I'd shoot all day in London, and then I'd go home to my Elvis cave, which was my hotel room, which was sort of all pictures of Priscilla," he shared.

Coppola's movie, which was filmed in Canada, is told from the perspective of Priscilla, portrayed by Cailee Spaeny.

Both Saltburn and Priscilla are showing in U.S. cinemas.