Paris Hilton felt like her "whole world was ending" after her sex tape got leaked.

On Wednesday's episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, Paris recalled how she felt when a sex tape featuring herself and her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon leaked in 2003, with Rick going on to distribute it himself the following year.

"I felt like my whole world was ending," she revealed.

The 42-year-old socialite candidly shared with host Alex Cooper that despite being the victim, the public was quick to vilify her.

"That shame should not have been on me. I was a teenage girl, with someone who I loved and was within a relationship with and who I trusted - he promised me no one would ever see it," she stated.

At the time of the leak, Paris cancelled all her plans, stayed inside and became "so depressed and depleted".

"People were so mean and vicious," she added. "It just made me scared of anything to do with sex."

The DJ explained on the podcast that at the time, she felt pressured to film the tape by Rick, now 55, and the bad publicity following the leak led to her submitting to the sex-driven character the public had made her into.

"I played into the character (but) deep inside I didn't feel that way," she said about her time modelling after the leak.

On reclaiming her sexuality after the humiliation, Paris noted, "It took me a while. They even gave me the nickname of Miss Blueballer, and that's what people would call me, because I wouldn't do anything (sexually)."

Paris is now married to venture capitalist Carter Reum and they share two children.