(Cover) - EN Movies - Taylor Kitsch has “nicknames” for all of his favourite British actors.

The Canadian actor starred alongside Dominic West, Mark Strong and James Purefoy in the sci-fi epic John Carter.

Taylor says working alongside the British stars was a great experience, and has listed his favourite actors from the UK.

“See, if I give you favourites, the cats who’ll read it will be like, ‘Oh, sweet kid, so you don’t like working with me?’ I’d like to work more with them,” he revealed in an interview with the UK edition of OK! magazine.

“I have nicknames for all the guys like Dom for Dominic West. He’s a very charming cat. James Purefoy and I had some great laughs. It’s kind of like a Butch Cassidy relationship. Mark Strong is incredible.

“Then Willem Dafoe was just a treat. He still shows up and goes to work and it’s still about the work and I love that.”

Taylor spent time on high-suspended wires to complete some of the action scenes in John Carter. The 30-year-old star says he suffered in the name of art.

“I have scars on my groin because you’re in that harness for so long. There are times where I’m 150ft in the air on this cliff edge and I jump off and land down,” he explained.

“I love when I’m in the air but when they cut and I just hang there, you’re like, ‘It’s going to snap, something’s going to snap!’

“When you have time to think, it’s not good.”

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