Jodie Foster has admitted she felt 'pressure' to be the breadwinner in childhood.

The Oscar winner opened up in a new interview and explained that her childhood, spent as a working actor from the age of three, left her feeling 'pressure' to support her household.

After she was cast as the star of a 'Coppertone' tanning lotion advertisement when she was three, Jodie, now 61, said she became the family's primary breadwinner.

Managed by her mother, Brandy, Jodie's work was entirely responsible for the family's financial survival.

"I was it," Jodie told The Atlantic. "There was no other income besides me."

Jodie went on to explain she felt dominated by her mother, who, as both a parent and a business partner, loomed large in Jodie's life.

But, she said, there was one place her mother could not follow her – onto a live set.

"She couldn’t get inside my body and take that experience from me," Jodie told the outlet.

"She could take a whole bunch of experiences from me, but she couldn’t take one."

In 2023, Jodie, who has two sons, admitted she had begun contacting younger actresses, to offer them advice about how to handle themselves in Hollywood.

"I find myself reaching out to girls who could be my daughters and saying, ‘Wait a minute, you keep doing dumb things on publicity tours. What’s going on with you? This is a little self-sabotage. You know better than that. Who’s letting you do that? And where’s your mom?’" Jodie told Elle magazine.