Macaulay and Kieran Culkin will work together, along with their other three brothers, on a new show.

Kieran Culkin's upcoming animated series The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy, will feature all four of his brothers; Macauley, Rory, Christian and Shane.

The men will voice the characters of a group of brothers in episode six of the show about alien doctors.

"We share everything," one of the brother's characters explains in a clip posted by Entertainment Weekly, "even digestive salivas."

It's the first time all five brothers have collaborated on a project, although they have worked together in various configurations before.

Kieran, 41, starred alongside Macaulay, 43, in the Home Alone movies, while Rory, 34, played younger versions of Macaulay in Richie Rich and Kieran in Iggy Goes Down.

Christian, 37, had a role in 1994's My Summer Story, alongside Kieran. Shane, 48, hasn't worked with this brothers before, but appeared in the 1998 Broadway revival of Our Town.

The brothers also have a sister, Quinn Culkin, 39, as well as Dakota Culkin, who died aged 30, after she was struck by a car in 2008. Their half sister Jennifer Adamson died of a drug overdose in 2000.